A note from his literary agent: Hugh Paxton’s Overland Published

Hugh Paxton's Overland

Hugh Paxton's Overland - Front Cover

Just a quick word from Hugh’s current literary agency, CHASONPAXTON – his latest novel Overland is out this week in Kindle version and it’s an awesome follow-up to his debut horror novel Homunculus, not a sequel – though that is currently in the pipeline, but a very fine stand-alone action adventure title.

Here’s the review from the Overland Page:

Just in case you thought that it was safe to go back to the bookshelves after reading his 2006 debut horror novel, Homunculus (MacMillan New Writers), the multiple award winning writer Hugh Paxton has done it again with his latest novel, Overland.  He’s turned literary conventions on their head and served up a uniquely Paxtonian adventure that is as grand in its fanciful conception as it is smoothly persuasive and gripping in its execution. The seemingly unlikely candidate to emerge as principal protagonist in this action-packed trans-southern African adventure novel is wait for it, … a middle-aged English lady librarian!  Thankfully she has sufficient sand and sang froid not just to survive the ‘holiday from hell’ but also to save quite a few of her fellow passengers from grisly ends. Not all of them, no.

I like the colourful culture clashing, the transportive description and the redemptive bitter-sweet quality of the denouement.

Overland is a fast-paced and peppery literary cocktail of the Bloody Mary variety that leaves your tongue tingling for the next sip. The exact recipe is a secret of the author’s own concoction, but the flavours work and, amongst other good stuff, it tastes like there are two shots of the best Carl Hiaasen, a whiff of Sven Hassel and Stephen King and a hefty slug of Wilbur Smith in this brew. Where else could you expect to read of diamond smugglers, apartheid-era special forces, a ghost leopard, murderers, a blazing elephant, Zimbabwean unrest and Matopo Hills witches? The results are enjoyably inebriating – pure Paxton.

Hugh Paxton’s Overland is currently available electronically in Kindle version. Prospective publishers are encouraged to contact Hugh via this blog about opportunities for hard copy editions.

Check out this blog’s Overland Page for more info as it comes in.

4 Responses to “A note from his literary agent: Hugh Paxton’s Overland Published”

  1. Maria Hohenberger Says:

    Dear Mr. Paxton,

    I am not sure if that´s the wright way to contact you.
    But a friend of mine staied in Namibia in 2007 to do a clinical internship and he lived with you in your home for about four weeks.
    I am studying medicine as well and I intend to stay in Namibia from the middle of august until the middle of september together with a friend of mine to work in the Katatura State Hospital.
    I hope that I am wright informed that you have kind of a hostel.
    Do you think it´s possible to stay in your house as well for about four weeks?
    I would be pleased to get a posotive email.

    Best regards,
    Maria Hohenberger

  2. Steve Hollier Says:

    Having worked within Cambridgeshire County Council’s Library Service for eight years, I can state once and for all that some of the toughest characters I have ever met are middle aged, English librarians!

  3. Charles Paxton Says:

    Steve, you’re right there. They are lords and ladies of all that they survey.

  4. Colum Says:

    Congratulations Hugh! Look forward to seeing it a) when it gets printed b) when I get a Kindle or c) when I get any other such device which will force me to spend even more hours per day staring at a $_#$(%_$% glowing screen… Felicitaciones!

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