Laos News: Baby born with wings! Doctor injured!


Vientianne: Breaking news from the capital of Cambodia. Or is it Laos? Never mind!

A baby, born with suspected spinal defects, surprised medical staff by unfurling two wings and flying into the faces of midwives and other medical staff.

“She exhibited normal signs,” said one doctor. “Then she fluttered up and smashed my teeth,” he added, mumbling and clutching his shattered face. 

Hospital staff attempted to restrain the infant and forty three died in the operation

The winged baby is still at large but has been spotted at various dairy farms sucking cows dry and then ripping their udders off.

“There’s no cause for alarm,” said Patchporn, an illterate pork ball in soup vendor on Soi 14, don’tgiveashit, Bangkok. “I’ve not seen it so never mind.”

 HUGH PAXTON’s BLOG: If you see a winged baby abusing and mutilating cows please send us money. Now! Pounds, dollars, even Euros! We need your help!


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  1. Hugh Paxton Says:

    This was an April Fools Day thing. Nobody should take it remotely seriously!



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