Thai Days: Feet Ignite!Spontaneously!


Horrified family members watched their feet ignite as they made their way to the local noodle shop.

“Three people caught fire. Their feet caught fire, it was hard to put the flames out because they were in the canal. They wisely jumped into the canal to put their feet out,” said a police spokesman.

“It was sad that the canal was so polluted that it caught fire and many boats loaded with explosives and smuggled gas were also involved in the blaze.” he added.

A Senior Government Minister said “People whose feet catch fire really aren’t our responsibity. We are busy buying defective second hand submarines for the Thai Navy.”  


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  1. Rodel Rivera Says:

    Not to mention the Bomb detector that the Gov’t bought from a British supplier.. The condition is that they are not allowed to open the device… They reckon that they don’t work and they finally open the device and there was nothing inside.. hahahaha… a sticky tape. I met the supplier in one of my gig.

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