Suzi’s view: South africa – a Message from all the farmers to Malema


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has received quite a number of submissions from South Africans regarding Julius Malema, the disgraced ANC youth league leader and racist firebrand.

Malema’s policies and speeches indicate in no uncertain terms that he would like to seize all White owned farmland in South Africa, thereby repeating the extraordinary success story of Mugabe in Zimbabwe who managed to convert the food basket of southern Africa into the foodless basket case of Africa in a handful of vicious, moronic years.

It has been said that history repeats itself. Malema wants it that way. But I don’t think it’s going to work.

Malema’s academic record is largely characterised by “F” ratings.

This blog has published his school report. The post title was “Is this proof of Malema’s Effing genius?”

South Africa has so much going for it. And so much going against it. One of the things going against it is Julius “F” Malema.

I suspect that his land seizure plans are going to be another “F”. And here’s why. People have had enough of divisive racial politics. Farmers, irrespective of race, have had enough.

And here, thanks to Suzi, we see it!

A Message from all the farmers to Malema


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