Strange But True: Nipple-spacing regulations cause furore in China


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that if the distance between your nipples isn’t 46% of the distance between your pupil and your ear you shouldn’t bother entering the central Hubei Province University Beauty Contest. The officials won’t let you participate.

The organisers explained that they had compiled definitions of beauty from traditional Chinese sources and modern Western values gleaned from the internet. Nipple distance and pupil/ear ratios seem to be thing.

The response from would be contestants has been less than positive and Chinese cyberspace is humming with debate, derision and argument.

Nobody to my knowledge has yet suggested that traditional Chinese foot binding (the practise of tightening bandages around female infants’ feet to restrict growth and produce beautifully tiny feet and in the process making the girls’ toes fall off and crippling them for life) should be a pre-requisite for a Hubei beauty contestant’s eligibility.

But with China you never know what’s coming next.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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