Cambodia: when TV reality becomes real


Hugh Paxton’s blog has negative feelings about ‘reality TV’. Some programmes are conceptually unreal. People are put in positions and given tasks that are fundamentally abnormal. I watched one show involving different themed teams struggling to cross the Namib desert. The ‘Dykes’ team consisted of lesbians. Reality? Hardly. Surreal- ity. Yes. Was everybody involved made to look foolish and grotesque? Well, yes they were.

The spectacle degraded everybody involved and missed the point of Namibia.

A French reality “Survivor” TV programme has just been cancelled after one contestant died on day one. Heart attack on Koh Rong island, off the southwestern coast of Cambodia. Pronounced medically fit to participate in Survivor, Gerald Babin (25) keeled over almost immediately and all the other survivors were sent back to France.

Reality can be like that. It just can’t be on TV. Not if it’s real.

Personally speaking I’d have kept the cameras rolling. Recorded who died next. Ratings! Wowzaah! Bring on the gladiators! Add a few tigers to Koh Rong (go wrong?) island. but no, didn’t happen. It was a definite ‘cut’.

This un-watched reality TV glimpse into reality has stopped but I guess the shows will go on.

I wish they wouldn’t.

There’s a lot more out there to film and record that’s really real.  And a lot more interesting. And a lot more important. Real people doing real things. Just to take one example!

As for Big Brother? Never watched it. Never will. My neighbours provide more than sufficient entertainment!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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