Dope of the Day Awards: Sleepin on autopilot


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has an award. I used to bestow it regularly and the recipients were invariably people who exhibited behaviour that was mind-numbingly stupid. No. Even stupider than that.

No cash prizes awarded, but the winners could bask in the glory of sharing the Dope of the Day Awards gallery of fame with people even stupider than they were (are).

Let’s check out today’s award winners. Two Air India pilots decided to take a nap in business class.

Nothing wrong with that obviously. If they were passengers.

But they weren’t.

They were the pilots.

Autopilot fully engaged. Why not take advantage of the restful environment offered to business class passengers? The pilots were not entirely derelict in their duty. They showed a couple of flight  attendants how the cockpit worked. 40 minutes later one of the flight attendants no doubt fiddling with knobs and buttons and levers turned off the auto pilot.

And couldn’t re-engage it.

A rapid and startling descent began from 33,000 feet. The pilots, thankfully hadn’t been into the cocktails before enjoying the comfort of flying Air India business class. They woke, ran like shite and that was the end of in-flight entertainment on that particular flying the friendly skies trip.

Career advancement unlikely.

Incident: April 12. Flight from Bangkok to New Delhi. Source: The Mumbai Mirror.




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