Worth Watching: johan_rockstrom TED Talks


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has been informed by my wife (currently in Malaysia) that this TED Talk is “worth watching”. I’ve watched it. Didn’t hear much. My daughter’s back in projectile vomiting mode. It happens after a birthday party. The cats have decided to join the performance. Chundertown! The only pacifier and sedative seems to be Lassie. At high volume just in case the rest of Bangkok is hard of hearing. Hope you actually get to hear and see Johan in action! If my wife says it’s worth watching it probably is! There are other links, too. Cheers! Hugh in Bangkok.

Worth watching http://www.ted.com/talks/johan_rockstrom_let_the_environment_guide_our_development.html





and a ppt which has some of the slides of today’s ppt; some in Swedish …..

Can’t vouch for this one. I’m too busy watching Lassie.


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Deputy Executive Coordinator

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United Nations Development Programme

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