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The Druids Circle near Bardsea

August 31, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog offers you a taste of things to come. Druids, Neolithic man, the cultures of the sacred stones and all of it assembled, compiled, researched, explained, photographed by my brother and his wife team (let’s just call them The WebCats) and published by a publisher (as yet unidentified). It will be one hell of a book and I’m itching to read it!

Cheers from Bangkok!



druids circle poster

druids circle poster


We went down to the Furness peninsular this afternoon to catch stormy sky over The Druid’s Circle, near Bardsea and the Swindale circle.

Love from us XXX

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Leonie’s View: Political Incorrectness at its finest..

August 31, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has to agree with Leonie’s choice of title. Politically incorrect. Very politically incorrect. But funny. Complaints should be posted on my blog. Additional jokes, likewise.

Cheers from Bangkok!


British humour as it used to be

It has been announced that the police are going to be allowed to use water cannons on rioters. They are putting in some Tide or Surf to stop the coloureds from running.

Thai Days: Mozzie Spray Day!

August 29, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s blog doesn’t like mozzies. They whine by your ears when you are almost peacefully asleep. They are disease vectors. Dengue fever. Malaria.

They do have plus points. They are really good when you smash them into a ghostly smear. Satisfying! Gotcha you little bastard! But you never get them all.

There are always more.

I’ve just been sprayed. It’s a Thai Village tactic. A bunch of people wearing evil looking masks and driving a slow grumbling truck billowing toxic smoke slowly patrol the environs and a fog of poison gas swills in, swirls out, is moved by the whim of a breeze to clear, then re-appear.

Khun Den, asked me if I would like the gas sprayers to do the inside of my house.

I said ‘yes’.

It had been a very ear-whining night and one of the little shits had got my eyelid. “Kill em all, and let God recognize his own!” said I.

And in they came. Masks. Sprays. Gas everywhere.



Sneeze. Gag. Choke. Gargle.

As I write, they are coming back. They always do it twice. I hear their spraying machine. The garden looks like The Mist (that depressing movie based on a Stephen King novella).

If tonight I die I won’t die of Dengue Fever or Malaria.

I’ll just die. Poisoned! Lungs inflamed! Eyes bleeding! Writhing in spasms and agony!

BLOG ED NOTE: Cut the melodrama, Hugh Paxton! You’ll wake up at 3 AM with a mozzie on your eye lid! That gas doesn’t work. Everybody knows it. They just keep doing it.

Hugh: Yes. But it adds interest to life. Keeps people employed. And it must have knocked off a mozzie or two?

BLOG ED: 200,000 is my guess. But they’ll come back. And you will still hear a whining beside your ear tonight.

Rebecca and Rhinos: With Rhinos Facing Extinction, Vietnam Steps Up to Help Save Them

August 28, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this from Rebecca of the Humane Society. Rhino horn and Vietnam – a new conservation/education initiative.

If you are a journalist, or a writer, or a blogger reading this, perhaps you could pursue the story. It is an ambitious plan and will face many obstacles. Ignorance, indifference, greed, money, crime, corruption, cultural beliefs, superstition, fraud, bad medicine, murder. And that’s just the starter, not the main course.

Read it and weep. Read it and lose interest. Or read it and try and help it work.

Cheers! And Best wishes from Bangkok!


Over to Rebecca!


Dear Hugh,

In the grips of a global poaching crisis, rhinos are imperiled. Every effort must be made to save them.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has identified Vietnam as the country that consumes the most horn from poached rhinos. Thus, the government of Vietnam is embarking on a consumer education program with Humane Society International to reduce demand for rhino horn in Vietnam. It’s a significant effort to ensure that Vietnam becomes a rhino conservationist country, rather than a rhino horn consuming country.

Vietnam NGO Yêu Động Vật will partner with HSI. Yêu Động Vật will operate a website about rhinos and poaching and will engage the public through Facebook and other social media.

If you’d like to do a story, please see the media release below and contact me; I’m happy to help in any way.




Campaign Launched to Reduce Demand for Rhino Horn

(HANOI, Vietnam) 27 Aug. 2013 –More than 580 rhinos have died at the hands of poachers in South Africa this year, the country with the world’s largest rhino population. That’s more than two rhinos killed every day. Many of the horns end up in Asia, including Vietnam.

At an event in Hanoi, the Vietnam Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Management Authority that implements CITES and Humane Society International announced a long-term public awareness campaign aimed at reducing demand for rhino horn in Vietnam.

Myths about the curative properties of rhino horn include that it is a cure for cancer or a fever reducer, and some people take it as an antidote to the ill effects of drinking too much alcohol. Others value the substance as a high-end gift or status symbol. However, studies have shown that rhino horn has no medicinal properties and is only composed of keratin. Furthermore, in attempts to thwart poaching, some rhino horn is being treated with chemicals harmful to human health.

The campaign will work with key stakeholders such as women’s groups, business leaders, students and traditional and Western medical practitioners to develop and implement demand reduction strategies within their communities.

Ha Cong Tuan, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Chairman of the National Steering Committee for the Vietnam Wildlife Enforcement Network said: “International cooperation is a crucial requirement in addressing issues of international and regional importance, including the conservation of wildlife, particularly for highly endangered species such as rhinos, elephants, bears and tigers. Vietnam is committed to implementing in a responsible manner its international conservation commitments. I call on international organizations to cooperate with, and assist, Vietnam and South Africa to implement our bilateral agreement signed in 2012 in an effective manner, including in the joint action plan on the conservation of rhino populations in South Africa.”

Teresa Telecky, Director of the Wildlife Department of HSI, said: “We are very pleased to be working with the Vietnam CITES Management Authority on this important issue. Reducing demand for rhino horn in Vietnam will cut off a marketplace for the criminal networks that run the illegal trade, and this is an essential part of the solution to save rhino lives.”

William Fowlds, a South African wildlife veterinarian who has treated the appalling wounds of rhinos whose horns have been hacked from their faces, said: “From a distance of thousands of miles, the suffering of rhinos in my country may not register with people who use rhino horn in East and Southeast Asia. I’m here to remind people that rhino horns arriving in Vietnam have been brutally hacked from the faces of animals that are often still alive. For me, that’s the day-to-day reality of rhino poaching.”


  • A resurgence in poaching is devastating wild populations of rhinos in Asia and Africa and shows no signs of abating. Moreover, in the last few years, many hundreds of horns–derived from rhinos legally shot by Vietnamese,Thai and Chinese so-called ‘trophy hunters’ taking advantage of weak controls over trophy hunting in South Africa–are believed to have entered Asia’s thriving illegal markets.
  • South Africa spends many millions of dollars annually trying to stop poaching. More poachers are being arrested than ever before. Still, illegal poaching intensifies, driven by demand in Asia and the high price rhino horn fetches.
  • In addition to South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and India have all reported losing large numbers of rhinos to poachers. In the past three years, both Mozambique and Vietnam have seen their rhino populations go extinct.
  • Conservationists warn that in South Africa both the black and white rhino could be extinct in the wild by 2026.
  • In December 2012, in Hanoi, Vietnam’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cao Duc Phat, and South Africa’s Minister of Water and Environment, Edna Molewa, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on strengthening cooperation in biodiversity conservation and protection. An action plan to implement the MOU followed.
  • Recently, the Vietnam CITES Management Authority cooperated with conservation groups to provide rhino specimen identification training for law enforcement in Vietnam.

Media Contacts:

HSI (United States): Rebecca Basu, +1 (240-753-4875), rbasu
HSI (In Hanoi): Teresa Telecky, 01257145136
CITES Management Authority: Nguyen Minh Thuong, +84 912 538 958, nguyenminhthuong.vnforest

Humane Society International and its partner organizations together constitute one of the world’s largest animal protection organizations. For nearly 20 years, HSI has been working for the protection of all animals through the use of science, advocacy, education and hands-on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty worldwide — on the Web at

Viet Nam CITES Management Authority is under Viet Nam Administration of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, representing the Government of Viet Nam in fulfilling the rights and obligations of a Member State to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Since the entry to CITES in 1994, the Viet Nam CITES Management Authority has taken the leading role in coordinating relevant law enforcement agencies in Viet Nam in combating wildlife crime-on the Web at


Andre’s Input: Irish Court

August 27, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog just got another Irish joke from Andre in Namibia. As usual its very funny. Though in this case I don’t see why it has to be an Irish joke. The nationality could be Australian, British, whatever – in fact its atmosphere is rather Namibian!

Here comes Andre’s input!

The judge says to a double-homicide defendant, "You’re charged with beating your wife to death with a hammer."

A voice at the back of the courtroom yells out, "You bastard!"

The judge says, "You’re also charged with beating your mother-in-law to death with a hammer."

The voice in the back of the courtroom yells out, "You rotten bastard!"

The judge stops and says to Paddy in the back of the courtroom. "Sir, I can understand your anger and frustration at these crimes, but no more outbursts from you, or I’ll charge you with contempt. Is that understood?"

Paddy stands up and says, "Yes, I’m sorry, Your Honour, but for fifteen years I’ve lived next door to that arsehole, and every time I asked to borrow a hammer, he said he didn’t have one."

Mars (and other nonsense): urban legends (and other nonsense)

August 27, 2013

Hugh Paxtons Blog has been advised to check the following site before suggesting you all rush out and spend the night trying to find a gigantic incoming planet. Called Mars. Good advice, actually. The site’s fun. Lots of improbable spiders, stupid stories…

Mars Hoax

August 27, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has been informed that Mars is not going to loom higher in the skies. Nor will it get closer to the Earth than ever before in recorded history. Nor will it seem to be as large as a full moon.

The story is a hoax, presumably dreamed up by bored people in an observatory on the Chile high Andes plains manning global space observation programmes and massive telescopes.

Or a nerd elsewhere.

It was a good hoax. I posted the bloody thing.

And I applaud it’s audacity. In a way it might even be an educational hoax. Get people out looking for Mars and inadvertently learning about the stars and planets while they look for Mars.

But like all tricks, this one is a trifle cruel. Some people, myself included, might have told their children that we can spend the night watching Mars. My daughter, thankfully, didn’t organize a Mars watching party. She exhibited no interest, forgot about it, and so did I.

But these things should be reserved for April Fool’s Day.

If my post has wasted your time looking for Mars I apologize.


Japan Times: Wierdos

August 27, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has spent a lot of time in Japan and has witnessed many strange events – on one occasion, to take a mild example, a sushi fight erupted during a school staff meeting. My brother and I had just presented the the school with a slightly travel battered wooden garuda carving we had brought back, at significant inconvenience, from Bali. Nobody was impressed. A few cursory bows and it was stuck in a cupboard and everybody resumed glaring at each other. A few hours of more staff meeting followed and then it was time for the staff party. My brother was, thankfully, spared the treat. He hadn’t been invited because he was teaching at a different part of the school.

My friend, Quentin, was not spared. I’d invited him. Quite why, I forget. But I do remember telling him what a great bunch the teachers were and how much they would enjoy meeting him and how convivial it would be for him (Quentin) to meet them.

The jollification started with the headmaster slinging a glass of sake into the face of the head of the English department. Things escalated. Sushi flew. They (and I do mean they, almost everybody participated) hurled food – horse mackerel, tuna belly, delicate shrimp, ear shell, one man flipped his fish off his sushi and balled the rice up to make a more effective projectile. And then let fly. I thought that Quentin might be perturbed by his school trip, but he’s what they call an old Asia hand, meaning he’s been round the block, seen a lot, knows a lot, and nothing will surprise him or ruffle his very English feathers.

The sushi fight raged on until there wasn’t any sushi left and no more sake to sling. Everybody departed. Next morning in the staff room it was business as usual. Polite bows. Smiles. Everybody had changed their sushi splattered suits and ties. I never asked what caused the conflict (who wants to re-ignite civil war and have miso ramen poured over his head as a reward?)

As I mentioned earlier, this was a milder example of eccentric Japanese behavior.

Have a look at the two latest!

Professor Plum with a lead pipe in the library. Col Mustard. Dagger?


Emiko. With a coffee cup.

In the kitchen.


She decided that she had had enough of her own Yokohama National University professor, Yasue Hirose, and slogged him with a coffee cup.
Quite a few times.

Two things are for sure: No more lectures from Hirose and no more “having an affair with a woman I hate.”

Agatha Christie had a lot of imagination. People were murdered in many interesting ways. But coffee cups never came to mind.

Go Japan! Always something inventive!

Next incident. I don’t like Mondays.

A Japanese woman didn’t want to go to the office.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that you pretend you are a Japanese woman who doesn’t want to go work.

Are you pretending?

Good! Well done!

Do you

1: Jump in front of a JR train while staring at the driver (this always happens apparently, train suicides stare at the train driver, this upsets the driver who can’t stop his train in time, and then the family gets a bill to pay for the clean up costs, delays etc. Basically bankrupts them).

2. Phone the office and muster a sneeze and sniffling say “I’ve got flu and am running a fever and I’m so sorry, sumimasen, I can’t make it to work.”

3. Tie yourself to your bed and pretend that, while extremely willing to go to work, the option is impossible because criminals have broken in and done a bit of bondage work then left without stealing anything, or breaking, or entering.

Anybody who thought ‘3’ deserves a pat on the back.

That’s what she did.

She tied herself up, strapped herself to the bed and waited for a long time before she was rescued by police who spotted the ploy at once, she didn’t go to work, so maybe her plan wasn’t a total bust, but she probably won’t go to work again.


Who the hell is going to hire or employ her?

That’s it from me. The more I think, the more silly stories from Japan come to mind. But it’s time for me to stop! Do something useful!


Hugh in Bangkok


Manning is a WoManning: Spies are really pathetic nowadays! But get free breasts!

August 26, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog really admires the US legal system. It is so strange, so hard to understand, so surprising, so let’s get to the point!

So insane!

Pte Bradley Manning, the whistle blower, the spy, the info leaker has now let another secret out of the closet (along with his bras and panties).

He’s a woman. He’s a man but he feels that he is female. He is also a man who is a woman sentenced to many years in Ft Leavenworth, Kansas for treason.

Here’s where it goes weird.

BLOG ED NOTE: More weird. He wants a vagina. A sex change operation to be funded by the already over-burdened American tax payer.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog: I don’t get this. I really don’t.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog continues!: Sex change operations are costly, time consuming, and Leavenworth doesn’t issue inmates with dresses, tutus, pouffy perfumes and lipstick. What’s Mr/Miss Manning planning? Flounce around for years looking seductive? In Leavenworth?

The scenario is ridiculous.

Manning broke the law, has been sentenced, and I say let him make number plates and store his pennies and become a woman when he comes out and sees the bright light of a non-traitor day.

The Americans should not sponsor his genital and hormonal re-arrangements. A spy growing tits? George Smiley would have said very little but would have asked Connie to mention it to Toby who would have left it to Fawn. Some rather sad accident would have then taken place.

This whole thing looks…silly! Spies are meant to be threatening, invisible, all that sort of thing. Not like a Manning.

Further to Anilbalan’s Ghost Cities blog post on megaladon – the giant prehistoric shark

August 26, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s blog loves a good shark story and here’s a great one:

“Richard Ellis, co-author with John McCosker, of the definitive book ‘Great White Shark’ (published by Harper Collins in 1991) speculates that there may be – just may be the tantalising possibility that some specimens of Megaladon survived long past their apparent terminal date.”
Hugh Edwards,Australian author of Shark the shadow below (also published published by HarperCollins, 1997).

Ellis quotes a report by another Australian, David Stead, a scientist and naturalist, and in 1938, president of the New South Wales Naturalist’s Society.

Here is the report:

“In the year 1918 I recorded the sensation that had been caused among the ‘outside’ (ie deep water) cray fishermen at Port Stephens, when for several days they refused to go to sea to their regular fishing grounds in the vicinity of Broughton Island.

The men had been at work on the fishing grounds, which lie in deep water, when an immense shark of almost unbelievable proportions put in an appearance, lifting pot after pot containing many crayfish, and taking as the men said ‘pot, lines and all!’

These pots, it should be mentioned, were some 3 foot 6 inches (1 meter) in diameter and frequently contained from two three dozen crayfish, each weighing several pounds. The men were unanimous that this shark was something the like of which they had never dreamed of.

In company with the loca Fisheries Inspector I questioned many of the men very closely and they all agreed as to the gigantic stature of the beast. But the lengths they gave were, on the whole, absurd. I mention them, however as an indication of the state of mind which this unusual giant had thrown them into. And bear in mind that these were men who were used to the sea and all sorts of weather, and all sorts of sharks as well.

One of the crew said the shark was 300 feet (90 meters) long at least. Others said it was as long as the wharf on which we stood – about 115 (35 meters). They affirmed that the water ‘boiled’ over a large space when the fish swam past. They were all familiar with whales which they had often seen passing at sea, but this was a vast shark. They had seen its terrible head which was ‘at least as long as the roof of the wharf shed at Nelson’s Bay.’

Impossible of course! But these were prosaic and rather stolid men not given to ‘fish stories’nor even to talking about their catches. Furthermore they that the person they were talking to (myself) had heard all the fish stories years before! The thing that impressed me was that they all agreed as to the ghostly whitish colour of the vast fish.”


What did the men see. Not a whale shark – they eat plankton and copepods. Certainly not a whale. A living megaladon, a giant prehistoric survivor (with a taste for crayfish)?

Thought provoking.

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