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Japan Times: Kompira is saved!

February 28, 2014

Well it has been a long hard struggle (more than twenty years) but Hugh Paxton’s Blog is delighted to report that plans to dynamite a beautiful mountain in the Takao range overlooking Tokyo have finally been canned.

Got the following from local resident, Richard Evanoff

Dear all,

The Hachioji City government has decided to buy the land surrounding the shrine on Mt. Kompira! Details of the recent reports I’ve received follow:

1. First, I received a mailing from the Kompira Shrine Association. Here’s a brief summary: A meeting was held at the Asakawa Citizens Center on January
24 to discuss the issue and 74 people attended. Another hearing was held at the Tachikawa District Court on January 31. Once again, the company did not appear in person for the proceedings. The construction company is still trying to get compensation, while Kompira is arguing that the shrine has existed since the Edo Era and should, therefore, be protected. There were no details about the next steps that would be taken in the case, but.see the next item!

2. After receiving the above mailing, I received an e-mail from Yukiko, which included the following: “I just got news about Kompira-san. You may have found it already. (It was reported in Asahi Shimbun newspaper.) Hachioji City decided to buy the land at 500,000,000 (5-oku) yen which was the amount asked for by the Osaka development company. Kompira will be saved. But still I can’t help thinking we lost in a way. The company is going to get lots of profit (3.9-oku)!”

3. I’ve attached a .pdf file with the newspaper article from the Asahi Shimbun (in Japanese). Yukiko says that another article may be appearing in the Yomiuri Shimbun, perhaps today (February 28).

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent events, including the court case at the Tachikawa District Court, and who lent their support and concern.
The outcome could have been very different if there had not been an active group dedicated to saving Kompira!

Best regards
Asahi Newspaper article.pdf

Thai Days: More and more Mozzies

February 27, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog is in grave danger of becoming tedious on the subject of mozzies but this morning has been outrageous. Really!

5 AM and things were looking peaceful.

8 AM. Khun Mee turns up and there’s the hideous static of cracks and cracks as she slays mozzies. She wasn’t counting. She was bent on extermination. Good for her, I thought! Kill!

9 AM and Chang arrived with a very small lady swaddled in protective clothing and an improvised gas mask. She had what looked like a flame thrower but it wasn’t. It was pesticide spray. She gave the whole house a good burst. Outside a peculiar looking vehicle delivered stinking fog just to make sure.

11 AM Right, great! The house reeks of pesticide and what am I hearing? The hideous static of cracks and cracks as Khun Mee slays more mozzies.

There are wars you can win – using gas, poison, chemical weapons – but with mozzies it really needs the personal touch. Khun Mee’s got it! Whack em! Smear em. I’m getting there, too! And I have an ally. A Tokay gecko. Big chap, really noisy, but he has an appetite!

New post TheGirl’s Sexy Oscars’ Pick

February 27, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog was having a few computer problems. These were bemusing problems. I asked my wife for aid and she cast a suspicious eye at The Reporter and the Girl. It worried her. Who was she? And why was I so interested. Valid questions. My answer was clumsy but simple. “I like her.”

Here is her latest!

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Thai Days: Eric’s off the menu

February 27, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has mixed feelings about the latest casualty of civic unrest in Bangkok – the Eric Clapton concert. He’s not coming here. His management feels it is too dangerous. I’d been planning to surprise my wife with a ticket for two. I’ve just informed my beloved spouse that Eric isn’t coming. Her response? “Who’s Eric Clapton?” “A musician. Plays guitar and wimps out because some red shirts are causing trouble.” “So many travel warnings at the moment,” she responded without much interest. I stumbled back downstairs and thought about this. Every cloud. My tickets to hear Eric would have cost 8,000 baht. For that amount I can surprise my wife with something else. Something she has heard of!

ICC Calendar March 2014

February 26, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog reckons this might be of interest. Rather special! If you are in Bangkok give it a go!

From: Indian Cultural Centre Bangkok []
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 6:09 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: ICC Calendar March 2014

Best regards,

Malathi Rao Vadapalli


Indian Cultural Centre,

No 2, 27th floor, Jasmine City Tower, Sukhumvit Soi 23, Bangkok – 10110

Tel: 02 261 5301-2 Fax: 02 261 5303

Tuesday – Saturday, 10.30 am – 7.00 pm



ICC Calendar March 2014.pdf

Brigittes Pick: Brace yourselves!

February 26, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s blog always welcomes contributions. Particularly Brigitte’s contributions!

From: Brigitte Alpers

Namibia Plane pics

February 26, 2014

Paul van Schalkwyk is a Namibian friend and a high flier!
Maybe he’ll win the Sony photographer prize. This is how he flies! Frightening!


Andrs’s Bit: : Japanese Sex

February 25, 2014

Andre gets worse and worse. He’ll be visiting us soon in Bangkok. This Japanese sex thing will be tame! Andre needs help!

Japanese Sex

A Japanese couple is having an argument over ways of performing highly

erotic sex:

Husband: Sukitaki.

Wife replies: Kowanini!

Husband says: Toka a anji rodi roumi yakoo!

Wife on her knees literally begging: Mimi nakoundinda tinkouji!

Husband replies angrily: Na miaou kina tim kouji!

I can’t believe you just sat and tried to read this. As if you

understand Japanese!


I knew you would read anything as long as it is about sex.

You need help!!

Thai Days: Red Shirt bastards Police Complicity

February 25, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has met Red Shirts. Not my type. They’re not Commies. They are Red Shirts. Clannish, paid, and wow what a score! They took out two kids with a grenade attack aimed at anti-government protesters. The little children had just had a KFC meal and were going home with their family. A Red, some Reds, let fly with grenade launchers. They were clearly amateurs or were drunk or both. Or they might have been a little more specific.

“Do you know how much pain she went through?” asked the father of the little girl. “She bled all through the night and the doctors kept trying until she was gone.”

Twenty other people were injured. More than. This ruthless? incompetent? attack follows on a series of attacks using grenades machine guns drive by shootings. Not one attacker has been arrested. The protesters suggest the police are complicit in the attacks. The strategy of crowd assault by mysterious men is enigmatic. I reckon the cops are doing it. A lot of the cops are Reds. The army has been being very neutral. The BBC CNN and and media has stayed clear. Busy with Kiev. Kiev? Kiev? Where the fuck is Kiev?

What will happen next? Anger. More of it.

There are paid to kill brigades in Bangkok.

And if I see a Red Shirt while I go to buy my fish food I’ll whack the bastard in the face.

Guess I’ve joined in! Not my plan! But they kill children? I’ll become involved.


Never let your children borrow your computer and don’t buy the little spoiled shits one either

February 25, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has let my daughter borrow my computer, and when I’ve been out purchasing nourishment for my daughter, she has identified the location of my computer. The horrible element to this scenario is that we bought her own computer! And she can’t find it! My computer is clogged with stupid messages saying “Hi Im Happy!


“Danny says Hi”

“How are U?”

I won’t get tedious about this but Dads, Mums, adults anywhere, everywhere! DO NOT LET YOUR STUPID BRATS (YES I KNOW YOU LOVE THEM) ANYWHERE near your computer! They just screw the whole thing up!

I wanted to Skype. Rather important for me. I’m a professional journo and Skype really is helpful.

I wanted Madagascar – not the dozy cartoon. The Island.

But, No. My computer had been hijacked.

What are you doing? A?


Zani. So cute!

Etc and lots of its Etcs! Gibberish!

My plan for breakfast was to get up early and cook my daughter rather a good breakfast.

It would have been a loving father/daughter moment.

The way I’m feeling right now is she can ask her computer to make breakfast for her. HER computer, and I’m going to ignore all this bullshine about “I don’t like scrambled eggs, Daddy, can you clean up the dog poo? I’m too tired?”

She can bloody well wake up on time, by herself and make her own breakfast – everything’s there in the fridge, I cooked it – and she can leave my bloody computer alone! I’m not a switchboard for all her spoiled friends! If they had anything to say, maybe, but they don’t.

BLOG ED: Are you annoyed?

Hugh: Just a little bit.

Blog ED: But you still love her?

Hugh: Of course I do. That’s the problem.

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