JibJabFW: Lucky you!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog was introduced to JibJab by the lost and still greatly lamented Steve Hollier. Although he’s dead his blog lives on (and annoyingly still attracts more hits than mine! Typical of Steve!) The first JibJabs I received were from Steve and I found the Christmas Carol excruciatingly funny. He followed through by JibJab-ing the cover monster of my book Homunculus dancing an Irish reel for St Patrick’s Day which is why I’m posting this. Seeing these Irish leprechaun options brought all that JibJab/Steve stuff back. Damn I miss him. Guess I always will. Send your friends a JibJab. Doesn’t cost a penny. The memory might last a lifetime. In my case it will.

Cheers from Bangkok!


From: JibJab [mailto:hello@jibjab.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2014 2:52 PM
To: paxton.bkk@gmail.com
Subject: Lucky you!

Add your friends to 30+ lucky charms to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
No shamrocks in your field? View in browser.
JibJab eCards
St. Patrick's Day is on its way!
Add your friends to these lucky charms!
Personalized below with faces from your JibJab account.
df529d75d745685539424dbb1991df35.jpg 24b6e919db61b4649ae6552b5233ddf1.jpg
The Irish Step Leprechaun Rap
These St. Paddy’s favorites are pure gold.
11-ha1WbfnSEycbrPwx_BTPQ.jpg 108u2i.png
I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover Magical Brew
Get jiggy with it.

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One Response to “JibJabFW: Lucky you!”

  1. Jane Woodstrover Says:

    Mu – it’s utterly ridiculous!!!! THankyou Love from Jane xxxx

    Jane & Al Woodstrover Beech Tree Farm Reagill Penrith, Cumbria CA10 3ER beechtree1@btinternet.com

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