Namib shot


Hugh Paxton’s Blog regrets to say that Paul has just died after his light aircraft took a noser down into Etosha. His wife and friends organized a search. They searched, found it and it was a wreck and Paul was dead. He had been taking aerial photos of elephants. There is a lot to be said about Paul. And I will say it. But not just now. I’m too sad. But here’s an image he took of the Namib desert. From his plane. I posted a couple of images recently of Paul taking photos from his plane. I said it was frightening, that was a sort of thoughtless jokey Namibian comment.

Have a look at what he could capture from his plane!

Subject: Namib shot

4 Responses to “Namib shot”

  1. Doug Says:

    My deepest condolences to you and Pauls family and loved ones…it’s really sad when we lose those that truly make a difference in this world….good bless


  2. Hugh Says:

    Thanks Doug! Nice words from you. Thoughtful. Touching. A bit of a shock and I felt a bit weepy when I heard about Paul and i then thought Hugh, pull yourself together you big Nancy!. And I did. We’ve lost a great man but we lose no great wars by grieving! We win them by winning them! That’s what Paul wanted and I’m going to keep on wining them for him and for me, for you Doug, and for everything that’s a bit special and precious in our world. I remain undaunted! And will maintain kicking arse!


  3. Jane Woodstrover Says:

    Wow – beautiful.


    Jane & Al Woodstrover Beech Tree Farm Reagill Penrith, Cumbria CA10 3ER

  4. Hugh Says:

    Yes, all his photos were (are) beautiful and he never fiddled with them to adjust colour. He was rather sincere about images. Hugh

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