Japan Times: Local News: Bowling, Kompira, and other events


This is of purely local interest, although if you are visitor to Japan, happen to be in the vicinity of Takao (Chuo line) and fancy a spot of bowling and good company, give it a whirl. Join the party. Nothing exclusive about this bunch of eco-friendly bowlers and there’s plenty of beer. There’s quite a lot of eco chat but it really doesn’t get in the way of a good time. Just don’t bring a chainsaw or an oil palm plantation. Otherwise anything goes! If you are feeling energetic you can even climb the mountain that this motley crew saved from the dynamite of developers. A beautiful mountain. Giant flying squirrels, very mysterious caves, serious bird life, and beneath you as you startle a wild boar, you can see the flat Tokyo plain with its convenience stores and commuters spread out like a tired pizza. Silly high rises for toppings.

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