MyPC Backup 70% Discount Offer and the Whale’s Eye


Hugh Paxton’s blog is sometimes naïve. In this case, I was. This MyPCBackup offer may be wonderful but in my experience it has screwed up my computer and has harassed me. A free offer, a trial period, and then increasing discounts if I renew. Again and again. And again and again. Plus other nonsense such as “How to speed up your PC”. This whole thing has been a lamentable timewasting farce. I can back up by myself. I explained that I had subscribed to a free back up service and my wife gave me “the whales eye” a Japanese expression meaning doubtful. Quite a good expression actually. If you have seen a whale’s eye it does look a bit doubtful. A bit distrusting. This one gets a full blown whale’s eye! Not malicious perhaps but very irritating. Don’t, chaps, don’t!

A wiser Hugh

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