Thai Days: Elephant death and the Bad Samaritans


How to really screw things up. We all have our recipes and mine have worked well! And, it’s probably bad to say this, but my screw ups have made life so much more interesting.

This screw up involves a guy driving a car too fast. Most screw ups start like that. This chap the rock and roller behind the wheel pumps the pedal and has no idea that elephants hate surprises and sudden noises and can move really fast.

The car slams into the elephant – high velocity – and he dies, his passenger dies, the elephant dies and then things get fucking stupid! Another driver zooms in, sees dead or dying people, a dead elephant, smashed car and thinks”I’ll swerve past this carnage rather than stop to help.” By strange coincidence another driver has exactly the same idea. He’s coming from the other direction. Head on collision. Everybody dead! If they had stopped to offer assistance they wouldn’t have tags on their toes now and be heading for a crematorium.

I don’t think this story has a sensible end. The last image I saw was of the wildlife guys using a crane to haul the elephant away for an autopsy. I call that a really significant road block! There were no Good Samaritans. Perhaps that’s the point of this blog post. Just bad and selfish drivers. And they are no longer a risk to other road users. All of them dead. Plus an elephant.

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