Thai Days: Don’t have sex on a bus


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has everybody’s security and welfare in mind. So here’s a hint. If you want to fuck in a Thai tour bus pull the curtains down.

Some rather nasty little voyeur in a passing car took footage of an intimate moment on a bus. I’ve been on those long distance buses. Boredom. Why not have a quick fuck? It’s that or watch the Thai movie that makes no sense. This couple decided to copulate.

Stuck in the traffic jam was a Thai.

He stopped becoming a bored person and became a video journalist !!!! then put the images out, into the world. They are very popular. The woman was blonde! And on top! Wow! Viral!

The guilty couple could face fines and prosecution. If anybody is stupid enough to arrest them.

Given the current political situation I think the cops have more to do than being stupid.

I hope somebody sticks a long lens through Mr Thai Nosy Parker Major League Gossipmonger shithead’s bathroom window while he’s molesting his guinea pig. What a pathetic wanker!


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