Thai Days: How’s it going?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is often asked this question by concerned people living beyond the borders of The Kingdom of Thailand.

“How’s it going?”

My standard answer is “Fine. The dog’s getting on my tits but I’m planning to go down to the PT plaza and pick up a side arm so that’s not an issue. The weather is petulant, hot, dense humidity, possible thunder…I’m planning a shrimp curry that will be spectacular I’m taking my pills, and I’ve had no psychotic episodes recently and it is likely that we will save tigers from extinction…”

My callers, of course, don’t give a hoot about tiger conservation or empowering yak herders in Mongolia or my shrimp curry. They want to know if they can visit Thailand without fear of being embroiled in a violent clash.

Thailand Travel Advisory:

My verdict to a ‘gap year outer is visit Thailand.

And don’t be such a pussy worrying about the violence!

Thailand’s great! If you want a violent clash attend one. Nice photo of a red shirt banging a monk on his conker today. Front Page, Bangkok Post, check their website. I’m not a violent man but seeing that thug whacking a monk who was trying to break up a fight enraged me. I wanted to kill that red shirt. That lanky Red wasn’t political. He was a paid street fighter. The Yellows recruit similar men. The Pink Shirts, and I applaud them for their optimism and healthy aversion to violence, are a little bit marginal. In fact, if you are wearing pink you should get the fuck out of the way. The Reds are coming. The Yellows are assembled. The Army’s twitchy and yellow, the cops (corrupt Red scum) are (predictably) red and the word coup is abroad. The cops will run like shite when the Greens (the military) rolls in.

It’s shirt time. I’m wearing Yellow! Let the tanks come in. They will have Yellow flags.

But back to International students doing a year out or goofing off, gap years Thailand’s fine. Don’t worry about it, the politics, don’t be fearful, nobody will shoot you. You aren’t important. That’s badly worded. Everybody is important. The only mistakes you make here will be your own. Any sensible questions I will answer. Hugh Paxton’s Blog issues these last WISE WORDS: STAY AWAY FROM ANY POLITICAL CONFRONTATION

Cheers from Bangkok!


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