The Missing Malaysian Plane: the Chinese should shut up


Hugh Paxton’s Blog watched the CEO of Malaysian “where the hell is it? What happened to it?” Airlines defend himself while being interviewed by a BBC “I’m a tough as hell fat and unattractive looking Brit TV journo with no understanding of what I’m talking or asking about. But this victim looks exhausted so I’ll ignore his responses and slaughter him” and then the cameras switched to grieving Chinese relatives rioting outside the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing. Hysterics, one and all. They’d have made great Red Guards. Brainless and energetic. Hyped up. Trying to hit out at something intangible.

I thought, not for the first time, that the BBC is capable of brilliance but can more reliably be expected to deliver utter nonsense and arrogant disregard for truth and human feelings.

The Malaysian people, government, the CEO of the airline, their spokesmen and women, the Chinese police guarding the embassy… none, not one! of these people had anything to do with it. And the Bermuda Triangle is innocent.

The incident was and remains inexplicable but blaming a country for it is inexcusable. And relatives rioting and yelling about indifference and authorities offering misinformation is just plain primitive and silly. Exactly what I have come to expect from China.

Malaysia is a country ( a country I love). Its airline is its own (I’ve flown with them many times and arrived on time as opposed to spending twelve hours in Sudan after my plane caught fire – never made the news). Its politicians are elected (I wouldn’t elect any of them). Its people are its people.

This plane thing is not Malaysia’s fault. It certainly isn’t Thailand’s fault. Some media tried to pin this thing on Thailand. Ridiculous.

My suggestion is this. A letter or message of support from anybody who has flown on a Malaysian plane and enjoyed the time in the air. I reckon it might lift spirits in KL. They are being demonized and it just is not fair.


Hugh in Bangkok!

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