Thai Days: April Fool’s Day Fail


Hugh Paxton’s Blog thinks that my April Fools Day posts didn’t fool anybody. I liked the giant nautilus causing havoc in Bangkok’s canals but it wasn’t plausible. The giant nautilus was much bigger! The monitor lizard bar fight didn’t happen and I think every reader knew that. The croc fight in Thong Lor was far more dramatic and the water buffalo escape and rampage through that crummy domestic airport certainly opened a few eyes.

My monitor incident just fell flat. I certainly didn’t receive any financial help!

In a way I’m rather glad that these two lamentable efforts were met with complete indifference. Last year my April Fools posts were swallowed by a surprisingly large number of people. The baby born with wings in Laos kept receiving more hits than anything else apart from Walmartians (which wasn’t a joke, sadly, real although I suspect a bit of photoshop had been applied from time time).

Next year I think I’ll skip the whole thing! If it works it just wastes everybody’s time – new born Lao baby flapping around a hospital and attacking a doctor! Really! You want that sort of stuff go to a supermarket and look for a newspaper with large font and a “Nazi bomber found on the Moon!.” header.

No, it’s over this April Fools Day thing. On my blog.

Cheers! Hugh!

PS Or is it?

PPS There wasn’t a crocodile fight but there was a water buffalo rampaging through the Don Mueang airport. It happened some time ago. But it did happen. The truck driver took a break and the buffalo busted through the rear door of the vehicle and did a runner, didn’t clear customs and hadn’t brought its passport. Biggs, a large very bald Australian witnessed the whole incident.

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