Thai Days: More political convulsions


Hugh Paxton’s Blog notes with regret (and afraid to admit it but true) a blend of increasing indifference, frustration and boredom yet more political turmoil in Bangkok. It has been going on for months and shows no sign of abating. There was more sniping yesterday – a suspected Red Shirt marksman opened fire from a building on an opposition convoy, killing one and wounding four others, more legal wrangling (The Constitutional Court may declare the government unconstitutional and order all the acting parliament out of office – we’ve just had three days of elections so I guess that has been a waste of time and the Election Commission predicts a five month delay before the next set of polls) and half a million Red Shirts are predicted are predicted by Red Shirt leader Jatuporn (who still faces terrorist charges) to rally in Utthayan Rd Thawi Whattana district. One part of town to ignore. These rallies are no longer good natured. Tourist numbers (particularly Chinese) are down but still Thailand offers a great tourist experience assuming you stay away from flaspoints and political gatherings.

That’s it for today.

Cheers from Hugh in Bangkok


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