Thai Days: Be careful on Saturday


Tomorrow looks like trouble here, says Hugh Paxton’s Blog. The Red Shirts are now trying to assemble a million demonstrators. If they think they’ll get away with that without violence then a million Red shirts are morons.

If their horrible snipers hadn’t gone free fire then maybe. The opposition has its own angry men. Retaliation. Those Reds are going to find a bit of bovver!

I have never seen Friday evening traffic so light.

People are running and hiding. Others are assembling and preparing. The city is full of whispers and rumours. My plan for Saturday is stay at home.

My suggestion to visitors to Bangkok is stay in your hotels or Malls or tourist places. Khao San Road will remain jolly and back packer friendly. Everywhere a visitor wants to visit should be fine.

Stay in the comfort zones. And stay the hell away from the combat zones!

They are coming. The Red Shirts think they will sweep the streets by sheer weight of numbers. They have small understanding of how numbers can be overwhelmed by smaller numbers. But Red Shirts are dumb. The students will rout these Red riot makers, the students are tired of being shot. Last photo I got of Opposition security guards I thought “Wow that’s an army!” It was, is, an army of security guards.

If the Red Shirts over step the mark with their thugs then the Opposition security might bust some heads. The army might move in to restore order. The army is playing things calmly. The police are in total disarray. Some, many, are Red Shirt sympathisers. Others aren’t.

Executive Summary: This whole Saturday might even make the BBC news and CNN!


Hugh in Bangkok

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