Malaysian Airlines disaster: No cover up


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is tired of all this bleating and whining and finger pointing over the vanished plane. There isn’t a cover up. No conspiracy. If somebody knew where the plane was there would be no need for a search. Nobody knows what happened!

A huge number of ships have searched, a vast amount of money has been spent, now there is a submarine. The plane is a goner. All those aboard are at rest.

The living, whatever their nationality and religious belief should withdraw from this incident with decorum. Dignity. And perhaps instead of howling at those who weren’t responsible should thank those thousands of people from many nations who have risked their lives to find answers and solutions to a problem, a terrible one, that has proved impossible to solve.

Go home and grieve. Don’t blame Malaysia, don’t blame the airline. Don’t blame anybody. Sometimes these things happen. Wish they wouldn’t but they do.

Be mature. Accept that plane is gone.

Don’t soil yourselves with law suits and shouting.

Your people are dead. Go home. Grieve with dignity and give yourself and the fallen the gift of respectful silence.


In Bangkok

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