Rabbits taste like chicken! A recipe!


Rabbits! Apparently they taste like chicken! I don’t know if you are striding the fields with a shotgun or just accidentally running them over coming home from a pub in Penrith but should a rabbit fall into your hat here’s a recipe.

It comes courtesy of Melissa Clark, NYT.

Apparently in New York they are hard to find! A bit exotic! And Wow! Expensive!

If you happen to live in Australia or England they are not quite so hard to find. Australia in one of the most fruitless pointless engineering endeavours of all time actually built a rabbit fence across the country to stop rapacious rabbits expanding their nibbling north. Work went full ahead despite rabbits multiplying on the other side of the fence. Government work. Build that fence. Ignore those rabbits.

But in New York City a rabbit’s chic!

Let’s see what Melissa does with a rabbit.

Cooks? Are you ready? Let’s start!

You cut your prestige rabbit into eight pieces (after skinning and gutting if you’ve got a boomerang in your back pocket or a knife and a chopper if you are English, Spanish, French, everywhere in Europe, if you are in New York it’s in a fridge and doesn’t look like a rabbit at all) and you marinade the chunks in olive oil, with rosemary, oregano, crushed garlic, salt, black pepper, white wine and you leave it for an hour (to make it taste more like chicken). Don’t debone it. You wouldn’t like your rabbit to look like chicken.

You then drain, pat dry, and sear the rabbit in unsalted butter until brown and crisp on the outside, moist within, throw in some of the liquid plus chopped black olives and scatter crumbled feta cheese on top and carve crusty bread before serving to a doubtful audience who don’t like rabbit.

They say, “Is that a rabbit?””

You then say, “Hey! Did I say rabbit? I meant chicken!”

They then say, “Why does everything always taste like rabbit? Anyway I’ve decided to become a vegetarian.”

Or maybe they won’t say that.

BLOG ED: Of course they will!

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