Poetry on dogs and cats


Hugh Paxton’s Blog

Has a cat and a dog

The cat wants love

And to show that it shows

It sticks it black bum

Right next to my nose

I say to my cat in some words

(That can’t be repeated)

And words and more words that have been deleted


My dog is just smelly

And carries a belly

That can not be filled

Every child needs a pet

Then the pet needs a vet

Then I get the bill

It’s making me ill!

They eat dogs in The Nam

And I don’t give a damn!

Why not? I do say

Take mine right away!

( and while you are busy take my cat, hedgehogs and everything!)

Hugh scooping poo!



One Response to “Poetry on dogs and cats”

  1. Jane Woodstrover Says:

    Very good! I sometimes feel like that about our menagerie…..

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