Thai Days: bees


An interesting thing! Bees! I like bees but don’t want to be killed by them. My porch, stoep, stoop, whatever you choose to call an outdoor area in front of your house, is currently buzzing with bees. A couple of them have stung me but that’s entirely fair. I trod on them. I didn’t want to. And they only stung me because I trod on them.

Why all these bees? Suddenly!

I thought about this while bees seethed around my head and crawled around the floor in intriguing circles.

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I have a clever idea.

My floor!

It is speckled, black, white, doused with dog urine ( a subtle yellow). My floor resembles a HUGE bee. No wonder they swarm and are attracted!

My hope is that they organize themselves and bee off. A tall tree might be wise.

The taller the better!

Cheers from Bangkok


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