Thai Days: TVs and UN Sales!


Hi! Hugh Paxton’s Blog again! The following news will be of little interest to non-Thai residents.

One: If you are staring at your TV and wondering why it isn’t working it is because it has been improved!

“TrueVisions Group has conducted a channel re-numbering to make it convenient to browse each category. Effective from 22nd April 2014.”

That’s their version!

Rather helpful! Channel 3 is now on Channel one. Channel 7 is now on Channel three. That should prevent confusion!

Loads of channels that I never knew existed – Plook Panya, You2Play, Money, Miracle, ONE, Sun channel, Motor Vision, Speed Channel etc. are now even more difficult to find. But if you want to find them there’s a help line: Tel 0 2725 2727. Give em a call. They’ll tell you to press a button on your phone and channel you away.

Two: The UN division of UNESCAP is having a car boot sale. Not from a car boot. From the ground floor of the UN building, Rajadamnern Nok Avenue. By the river and the riots. All sorts of stuff is up for grabs! Coffee makers, ice machines, work stations, note books, printers, desks, book cases, chairs,about the only thing they don’t seem to be selling is their secretary. You can view what is on offer from May 1st but must make your mind up before May 16th.

It’s a dangerous proposition. The sort of place and event where you pop in to buy a pencil case and then a few hours later hire a lorry to shift lots of essential stuff (and so cheap!) back home. Then wonder where to put it.

And why the hell you bought it!

Hugh, in Bangkok, over and out!

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