Thai Days – Have a Nice Day!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog had one of those days that just wanted to go wrong.

Breakfast was served with a flourish and rejected in an instant. The croissant arrived but had almonds on it. Well, fair enough. Not everybody likes almonds. So I scraped them off. They were very good. The croissant had more misery to deliver, the baker had filled it with cream. Nobody liked cream.

I scooped that out and waited for it. I prayed it wouldn’t come but I knew it would!

“Daddy I hate croissants!”

“Water melons! Have some! They are wonderful! Add a little salt it makes them sweeter,”

“I ate them last night, Daddy.”

There is a feeling, I call it “I Can’t Win” (ICW) and I know when it is on the prowl.

Right here, right now prowling!

Everything is in a state of collapse! The Air Con, the TV, the oven, the computer, the lot!

I’m losing!


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