More on China (and a photo, free of charge of my daughter and Beth after winning a Tee ball comp this morning)


Further to the recent China beards post, veils are also on the Chinese hit list. Don’t go in to a bank or government building wearing one. It’s part of Project Beauty. A project designed to stop people wearing Islamic stuff. Uighurs.

I don’t like Islamic militants and never have. But these Uighurs have had several reasons to become militant. Mao’s Red Guards ordered them to become pig farmers to take one example. And if they didn’t want to raise pigs for religious reasons the Red Guards smashed their heads in to re-educate them. They called it self-criticism.

Twitter’s in trouble, too. A Chinese official has just twittered all twitterers (rather odd given that China has banned Twitter) ordering “immediate rectification.” Of a Twitter account that ridicules Chinese officials.

The photo, incidentally, has nothing to do with Uighurs, China, Red Guards, veils, bombings or beards. Just my daughter being happy. I thought you might like to see it!



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