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Hugh Paxton’s Blog isn’t a Douglas Preston Groupie – I just like a very good book! I spent two weeks in Sri Lanka and there was a beach with roaring surf and a persistent kid from hell waving an elephant (apparently he was swept away in the tsunami, how dreadfully sad) and the breakfasts were good and I ascended mountains and in the Hill Club chill dank, very British and delightful! Hot water bottles! Roaring fire place. Men Only Bar. Tea plantations. Lost cities re-found. But probably best lost again. But I couldn’t find a book shop that sold a Preston or a Child. It was that lawyer Grisham!

I put it on the logs and watched it settle.

What I wanted in Sri Lanka and what I wouldn’t mind here is quite a lot less from lawyers and a lot more from people who don’t try to make you interested by calling their book “The Pelican Briefly dull (a sequel the “Parrot Letter”) Screw Grisham, all those airport sales artists!

I want a book, oh yes, brothers and sisters, oh yes, oh yes! Oh Yess

That starts without a pelican!

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Subject: Signed bookplates — gratis!

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Hello to my readers and friends,

The May 2014 publication date of my new solo novel, THE KRAKEN PROJECT, is fast approaching and I wanted to do something special for our newsletter subscribers. To that end, my publisher and I have created a special "Kraken Project" decal bookplate (pictured above), which I will personally sign and send to those who have pre-ordered the new novel (save your receipt!), while bookplate supplies last.

This is not your standard bookplate, but a colorful mission decal similar to the ones NASA creates for its space missions. And as I mentioned, I’ll personally autograph each one in a silver tip pen.

This special offer has been made possible by the generous help of my publisher and is exclusive to the subscribers of this newsletter. No one else will get these fantastic, highly collectible, autographed decal bookplates but you, our subscribers!

Here’s how it works:

Order THE KRAKEN PROJECT from any bookseller in hardcover, or eBook, or audio book, in any store or on line. This offer is open to you even if you’ve already pre-ordered the book!

THE KRAKEN PROJECT bookplate pre-order offer: Any United States or Canadian resident (excluding Quebec) age 18 or older who sends in proof-of-purchase of THE KRAKEN PROJECT print book, or eBook, or audiobook will get THE KRAKEN PROJECT bookplate pre-order offer gift: approximate retail value $5.00 USD (United States Dollar) or $7.00 CAN (Canadian Dollar). Offer ends on May 20, 2014. This is for a limited-time only, while supplies last: only 2,000 free gifts are available.

Go to this link to request the free bookplate and to upload your receipt.

I’m truly sorry that we cannot send the decal bookplates to our overseas friends and readers.

I hope you enjoy THE KRAKEN PROJECT and the autographed decal bookplate. If you’d like to read a sample chapter, check out reviews, or find out where I’ll be doing book signings, please click here.

Thank you for being a loyal reader — I truly appreciate your support!

Warm regards,


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  1. Stella Says:

    I like Preston and/or Child books too. I have to say, a book that starts with a Kraken is infinitely better than one that starts with a pelican! Can’t wait to read it.

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