From Sandra in Myanmar: ramblings from the holiday


Hugh Paxton’s Blog always enjoys Sandra’s ramblings. She rambles and when I read her ramblings I feel I’ve rambled with her! Her time in Burma (Myanmar) is almost done. A brief visit here to enjoy a bit of Bangkok monsoon season action and my increasingly spectacular cooking and mozzie population explosion then away she will go. For a bit of rambling in her English homeland.

Over to her!

Hi Hugh,

I have not been reading too many blogs, I have no internet at home and have been away for three weeks with Louie.

I hope to come back to Bangkok on 9th May. It would be great if I can stay with you guys for my final trip before I leave Asia for good in June. Time seems to be flying by.

I hope you are all okay?

Sending lots of love


Ramblings from Yangon April 2014.docx

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