Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child: Pendergast’s tea-time ruined


Hugh Paxton’s Blog always welcomes anything from authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. And by anything I do mean anything. This interview with one of their most enduring fictional characters is great fun.

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The Palm Court of the Plaza Hotel, where Pendergast’s afternoon tea was spoiled
Ave, lectores!

Readers were so enthusiastic about the ten questions we asked Pendergast in a recent newsletter that we tried to corner Pendergast and get him to answer another ten. We caught up with the elusive special agent last weekend, taking afternoon tea in the Palm Court of the Plaza. As you will see, things did not go quite as planned. Nevertheless, bon appétit!

Linc: Sorry to intrude, Aloysius. Thanks for agreeing to answer some more questions.

Pendergast: Just make it quick, please. It would be disagreeable if this cup of Madame Butterfly Jasmine were to grow cold.

Doug: Fay from the Low Country asks: "How old is Agent Pendergast — truly?"

Pendergast: I fear that falls under the category of personal information, which I made quite clear was off limits.

Linc: Stephanie from Minnesota would like to know: "How do you feel about being compared to Sherlock Holmes or possibly James Bond?"

Pendergast: In the first case, honored; in the second, revolted.

Doug: Patricia from Manitoba asks: "As an adult, did you look into the case of the burning down of your family home?"

Pendergast: I did. I recently dealt with that matter — comprehensively. And that’s as much as I can say on the subject. Heaven forbid you two scriblerians were to turn that odious and horrific episode into another one of your ‘stories.’

Doug: Well, to tell you the truth, we were hoping to write about it some day soon. It is, after all, one of the most shocking–

Pendergast [interrupting]: By God, I wonder what I did in a past lifetime to deserve you two, dogging my every step and rummaging about in my family closets!

Linc [hastily]: Um, moving on, here’s one from April in South Dakota: "What was your favorite movie of 2013?"

Pendergast: I saw no movies in 2013.

Doug: Speaking of films, Brian M. wants to know: "How did you feel about being excised from THE RELIC?"

Pendergast: Overjoyed. Although I might add that, for my part, it was no accident or whim which led them to expunge my presence from the final script. Gentlemen, this begins to grow tiresome. May we continue the interrogation another time?

Linc: But that’s only five questions. Kerri from Southern Oregon wonders: "If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be and why?"

Pendergast: Allowing you two to sit down at this table. [To waiter] Would you bring a fresh cup of this tea, if you please?

Doug: Rosali from Aloha asks: "Could Messrs. P & C be secretly working for Diogenes?"

Pendergast: Come to think of it, that would explain a great many things.

Linc: David from Canton asks: "What are your true feelings for Constance?"

Pendergast: That tears it. We are done.

Linc: But…

Pendergast: We are done.

It was at this point that Pendergast summoned the maître d’ and had us summarily ejected from the Palm Court. However, we remain hopeful that those last three questions will… some day… be answered.

And so, until next time,

Doug and Linc

P.S. On Tuesday, May 13, Doug’s new novel THE KRAKEN PROJECT went on sale. If you want a signed, personalized copy, you can get one here. (The last date to get a personalized book is May 16.)

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