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Hugh Paxton’s Blog stands in awe at the explosion of activity that is TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperman blog. This blog is just storming ahead! Absolutely thriving! I love this sort of success! I imagine Superman might be slumped over a beer somewhere in Queens muttering to the bar keep about how he could have been a contender.

“Chances come and chances go, you catch the ring or let it go.”

A short poem by Hugh Paxton for the SuperMan and The Girl.

BLOG ED: That poem sucks.

Hugh: Yes. Yes it does.

Cheers from Bangkok!

PS: We still have lots of riots here in ‘the City of Angels’. The stamina of the people involved amazes me! They’ve been bashing heads and being blown up and shot by snipers and drive by Red Shirts with M-16s, occupying police stations and govt buildings since November! No end in sight! And it’s hot! Really hot! 37 degrees. And it’s rainy. My wife who works for the UN, once again is working from home. The UN HQ is shut down. Again! Nobody can get in!

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TheGirl posted: "A Reflection of a Reflection by RaunLife is Hard. Period.I don’t really read a lot of spiritual books, but this one caught my eye as it was more about encouragement and inspiration than proselytizing.And since I’ve been trying to piece my life one by one "

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New post on TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!


I’ve Been Around But…

by TheGirl


A Reflection of a Reflection by Raun

Life is Hard. Period.

I don’t really read a lot of spiritual books, but this one caught my eye as it was more about encouragement and inspiration than proselytizing.

And since I’ve been trying to piece my life one by one this past year, I thought I could use some encouragement from deep within.

As the title says this is a collection of prayers that comes from the heart of a teenage boy—who doesn’t seem to be different than other teenagers. He still has the same hopes, dreams, and fears that anyone of any age has.

Thus, I’ve been getting up in the morning and reading a prayer as I silently meditate and think about what lies ahead and how I’m going to accomplish a set of goals for the day. I feel the prose and words and realize that I’m not only one who has an imperfect life, but how I deal with those imperfections and flaws will strengthen my character.

Having those few moments to yourself before beginning your day– are fundamental in getting things back on track and relieving the stress I feel in going through another 24 hours, without him or with another obstacle in my way.

Strength and Power comes from within, and Michael Beas’s book will help you find a little of it each day.

Here is the link to Michael Beas’s book

Do you have a book or song that you want to share that helps you get through hard times?

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3 Responses to “[New post from TheGirl: I’ve Been Around But…”

  1. TheGirl Says:

    I enjoyed your poem!

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      Glad to hear it! I don’t think it will ever be used in a school text book! But it was written for you and for me and Super Man.
      He must be feeling a bit stupid? Martial law just declared in Bangkok. Doesn’t bother me. You and your blog are just doing so well! Really, keep it going! love from us all in Bangkok

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