North Korea building collapse


Hugh Paxton’s Blog: How very sad. A luxury building has collapsed in North Korea. The demented leader (can a hair cut get worse? He looks like the Bride of Frankenstein! Only fatter! And far more ugly! ) was so upset that he “couldn’t sleep. For weeping.”

The building wasn’t built properly. The good news is that the disaster claimed the lives of some of the nastiest people in North Korea. The bad news is that that dopey basketball player, Rodman and Mr. Hair Do From Hell were not staying there and remain alive.

I think all builders and architects are en route to salt mines or have been shot in the face. That’s the way it works there.

One of my wife’s colleagues has just volunteered to work as a UN biodiversity consultant in N.K. He must be out of his mind! We’ll be seeing him soon. He will either be deported, make a run for the border or show up on the BBC in shackles saying how much he loves the Great Leader and would like to be exchanged for some spies.


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