Thai Days: Godzilla seems to be a bit of a winner


Hugh Paxton’s Blog plans to take my gals to the movies! Forget the tanks and the soldiers. This Thailand coup is thoroughly polite and really a bit of a let down. Nobody’s tried to kill me! I call that restrained.

If there’s a coup I want shrapnel whizzing past my head, guys bawling into loud speakers, the thud of humans racing for conflict and smashing headlong into each other.


Naah. This coup is determined to be gentle.

So I’m taking my gals to Godzila. The repetitive monster is now in 3D. I assume Tokyo is in for a trampling as usual.

I’d like to see the Railway Man. My beloved wife certainly doesn’t want to see Godzilla. Or Gojira. or what ever it’s called. But we’ve got a daughter. And what a daughter wants is Gojira or God sillysaurus and we’ll book seats in an empty Bangkok cinema while the army marches past.


Hugh from Bangkok!

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