Happy Biodiversity Day!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is one of a small number of people who has remembered that today is UN designated Biodiversity Day! My beloved wife has remembered it, too, and has put together this Happy Biodiversity Day card! Have a happy and biodiverse sort of day!

Two bits of biodiversity news: “Scientists have discovered 14 new species of dancing frogs in the jungle mountains of southern India – just in time, they fear, to watch them fade away.”

That bit of cheery information from Katy Daigle. Associated Press.

“We’ve gone from horrible to bad.” Dennis vanEngelsdorp, professor at the university of Maryland and director of the Bee Informed Partnership speaking about a mild recovery in US bee populations after a dramatic and alarming decline. Read more about it courtesy of John Schwartz and the New York Times. Or go straight to it. The Bee Informed bunch on Google.



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