Thai Days: Martial law


Today was a rather hot and the tuk tuk was rather slow and Hugh Paxton’s Blog accompanied by beloved daughter and revered guest Len spent a lot of time getting a feel for the streets of Bangkok, the mood, the martial law. Annabel was enjoying the tuk tuk, but getting a bit frustrated by the lack of obvious martial law. We saw four soldiers looking hot and bored, a few police, and something briefly happened but a large van got in the way so we couldn’t see what it was. We made it home and after a pretty decent dinner I suggested that we watch the news to see what was going on.

The BBC was showing some Thai flags and insignia and there was some dreadful droning patriotic music. I tried CNN. Wow! Same stuff! I began to suspect that martial law was going to screw up the news. The radio stations were closed down. The TV is a complete dud. The interminable music! My esteemed wife arrived to inform us that there was a curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM. Oliver went further and explained that anybody on the streets during curfew would be shot (unless they were going to the airport – that’s apparently OK).

A dreadful sense of waiting ensued as Annabel anxiously checked and rechecked the phone. We got security advisories, worried messages from people but the news, the terrible news eventually sank in.

Her school hadn’t closed and wasn’t closing!

Friday, 5:30 wake up. And off to school as usual (although without the news to keep her up to date over cereal and pineapple).

Her verdict on martial law? “This sucks!”

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