Thai Days: Children find Godzilla a Smashing Success but Martial Law deeply unsatisfactory.


Hugh Paxton’s Blog regrets to say that there has been a sadly lacking degree of civil war and school closures. Friday looked good. Annabel’s school declined to open and advised all students to stay at home.

This struck many school pupils from many schools as encouraging.

Friday off! Maybe tanks! Handsome soldiers! Selfies with handsome soldiers! Long weekend! How good does that get!

Saturday and Sunday, schools were closed but this didn’t have much to do with anything political. But it raised hopes.

Annabel became increasingly interested in politics. What were the Red Shirts doing? Were they fighting the army?

“No, darling, the Red scum are on the run, they had some radical units with a paltry arsenal of grenades and less bullets and guns than someone studying in an American suburban school. Have a kipper?”

“Wow! kippers! I love kippers!”

She ate them all! The little hog!

But politics was still there. Just beneath the surface.

“Who are the men in black?”

“Alien hunters. There’s a black guy and a white guy and lots of things that break the colour divide and have tentacles and heads. You’ve seen the movie and I cannot believe you ate all my kippers! You little hog!”

“The real men in black, Daddy!”

“Snipers, thugs, gangsters, and darling don’t worry they can’t shoot straight. And they won’t shoot your school. This is Thailand not Columbine.”

“What’s that?”

“Nothing you want to hear about or emulate.”

As Sunday progressed I thought, “Heck, I’ll take her to see Godzilla! The Matinee!” It will take her mind of political turmoil and relax her. Lots of monsters, popcorn, sticky drinks that will rot her teeth.

We left Godzilla, and if you haven’t seen it, probably worth the effort – the plot is slightly more probable than any other big monster movie and the special effects are pretty much non stop. Godzilla throws it you full force.

I thought I had it under control but I sensed trouble brewing here after a Skype with by beloved wife involving my esteemed daughter and me slavishly promising to set the alarm clock.

My neighbour cruised past with her dog and asked what excuses were going on.

I looked through my latest correspondence. From my daughter. Rather good! She needed to apply in person for a new passport!

Attagirl! Monday off school. One dreadful flaw – it was absolute bullshit! I’ve carried her passport with me to avoid me getting banged up by bent police (who the army are now clearing from the streets) for child molestation or some other nonsense.

Other kids are going down with fevers, sprained ankles, lots of plots.

The city doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow morning (if they are at school) and the sad thing is that Godzilla won’t be coming to help them get away with another day of goofing off.

But of all good excuses Annabel’s struck me as the best! The Passport Plan! Utterly useless! I have her passport her visa.

Bring in the Army! Get our kids to school! They’d love an APC rather than a school bus!

That’s the truth!

Hugh in Bangkok and Long Live the King and the current authority!

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