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Annabel’s birthday party! Happy children!

I love to see it!

Lots of water, plenty of fighting, smiles, laughs, loads of squeals and minor injuries, just what children should do! They stayed rather too long and had to be hauled away, a long way away in some cases, wailing, and struggling for more of the party, by bored unhappy looking parents.

And as usual they forgot their shoes, goggles, party bags, clothes, towels, panties, socks.

Most parents here are now going for small birthday parties because it is easier. A mistake in my opinion!

Yes, the aftermath is a vast degree of wreckage and a mother telling me never to show Dr Who again because it gives her four boys nightmares (an interesting accusation, I didn’t show Dr Who, they did it by themselves while I was fooling around in the kitchen) and marsh mallows stuck here and smeared there.

I think a good birthday party should be a riot!

Overall a good result. Daisy went crazy and tried to fight. But that’s a fantasy divorce thing and she’s using this fictional divorce for attention. Lots of children tried to explain to me why she was being unusual. I really wasn’t remotely interested.

All the children had a wonderful time! The Bangkok Dolphins team were magnificent and they liked Annabel and we got a thirty minute extension free of charge. When it was over, I tried to hide.

Not much chance of that. The guests lingered. Nobody wanted to go home. I could understand that. Everybody felt safe, comfortable with Hugh the man who is notoriously soft , they had lots of friends and toys and all were sure that dinner would arrive on time.

It worked. All I need to do now is eat three bags of pretzels, some puffs (cheesy and humid) a large quantity of cake, several pounds of disgusting gooey doughnut things, and all the other stuff.

I have given so much food away already but so much remains! Mountains of miniature hot dogs! I thought children liked hot dogs! What got into them? Last party I made a pile of special sandwiches with exciting fillings.

Nothing resembling a child touched any of them. Salmon and cress with a hint of horseradish and a caper. A blunt but friendly ham sandwich with nothing but ham and a hint of Branston pickle. Cucumber sandwiches. Bovril. Peanut butter.

I enjoyed them.

My tip is to hire somebody professional to do your party and go away (far away) while it goes on.



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