Thai Days: Idiots who admire my pets – a poem


My dog’s so cute, that’s what they say

And ask me if they could come and play

I wish my dog would go away

He eats and chews and farts and eats

And everybody gives him treats

They leave their slippers at the door

And that is what’s a beagle’s for.

They smile and leave their mangled shoes,

But beagles grin and never lose.

“Oh Andy wants a dog like that!

And gosh you have a lovely cat!”

“That cat wants love 12 hours a day

I wish that cat would go away!”

“What’s in this cage? That smells like dogs?”

“They are my violent hedgey -hogs!”

“Can little Freddy try a cuddle?”

“Better not, they’re in a huddle”

“Just a minute? Do they bite?”

“They eat each other and they fight.”

“Come on Freddy have a look, You saw them in that Potter book!”

“Mrs Tigglywinkle! Maybe they’ll do your washing!”

“Or maybe they all just need a squashing!”

“What a shameful thing to say! Come on hedgys, out to play!”


“Hugh, it’s bitten Freddy and he’s been spiked by prickles! And the dog’s just snatched his lunch box!”

“ You won’t see that again and if that was a hamster in your carrier bag the cat’s had it.”

“Your child got off lightly. It didn’t meet our monitor lizards. ”

Hugh, on idiots with small children and brainless mothers admiring our pets.

2 Responses to “Thai Days: Idiots who admire my pets – a poem”

  1. Doug Says:

    Bravo en core

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Thanks Doug! There will be more!

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