Thai Days: Long day


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is sitting here feeling humid and greasy and fed up. There is an excellent thunderstorm ongoing but it is all noise and lightning and no rain. There are various things that are dragging me down. One, every time I get an email it is delivering bad news. Not entirely true. Noush sent me her belly dancing act. Rather surprising! A Namibian belly dancer! That was great fun and I’ll post it tomorrow. But overall people seem to be dying or depressed and want to let me know. I don’t want to know.

Bangkok trundles along but I’m tired of all these arrests (arresting that corrupt scumbag at the Foreign Correspondents Club in front of the assembled media was a silly idea – the army was either making a point or needs to rethink its PR approach), the Red Shirt dweeb who tried to poison a soldier by giving him a bottle of cold tea laced with something unpleasant injected in a bottle requires drinking his bottle, and this curfew is just plain detrimental to the tourism industry. I remain a staunch advocate for Thailand but it’s crumbling.

Not collapsing. Life goes on. But it’s edgy. Tense. I always suggest Thailand as a tourist destination. I love it here. But at the moment it isn’t quite as nice as usual. The army needs to finish the opposition off. And Thaksin, if he cared should submit himself for arrest and just punishment. Two years in jug. I can’t imagine he’ll be snuggling up in a cell with serious villains.

These protests, this coup – the whole damn thing is becoming dreary. We’ve had months of it!

The problem, according to Hugh Paxton, is that Thais are too polite. They will maim, slay, fight but don’t want any violence.

Cheers! From Bangkok!


PS Still got thunder, still got lightning, still no rain.

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