Brigittes’s Pick: : Namibia: Stop ALL Hunting of Rare Desert Elephants!


Oh Gawd! Namibia joins the proud list of African tourist destinations that repel tourists.

This may be a crude executive summary: A lot of Africans perform poorly when it comes to helping themselves. Because an elite crew of Africans help themselves. To everything they can. And that approach leaches down. Everybody else starts grasping for the easy thing. Or anything. Because it has been stolen from them. Not by white men. By their own.

Then the West gives them aid after they flip their lids and indulge in genocide or self-induced starvation, or child slavery. Or, in this, case shooting elephants.

A bit sad!

Hugh in Bangkok who has met many Namibian desert elephants and loved the sight of them.

Every time.

Subject: Namibia: Stop ALL Hunting of Rare Desert Elephants!

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