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Hugh Paxton’s Blog saw this headline and thought, oh no. When test results come back they tend to be ghastly.

Maths. One percent. Fail. HIV – you’ve got this one in spades! No, you can’t join the Marines because you lack backbone. We don’t need you in our company because you are utterly incompetent. Your driving ability is less than acceptable. Etc.

My main fear was HIV. The Girl is a raunchy New Yorker and author and that says to me high risk of viral infection.

Fortunately the test results involved IQ.

Apparently there wasn’t one detected. There certainly isn’t a lot of it here.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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TheGirl posted: " I should have told this to TheReporter! #JonSudbury #Men Click on the photo to read this chapter!"

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The Test Results Came Back

by TheGirl

The Test Results Came Back

I should have told this to TheReporter! #JonSudbury #Men

Click on the photo to read this chapter!

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