Andre’s Bit: A few funnies


Hugh Paxton’s Blog found some of these Andre’s Bit funnies a lot funnier than my electricity bill. Both arrived within ten minutes of each other. That’s why I welcome an Andre mail. It’s free!

I wandered around the garden staring at, and rereading, my electricity bill. I’ll spare you the brutal details. Chang and I had a look at it. It came to almost twice his monthly salary. My neighbor Pascalle came past and gave me a “What’s the fuss?” look. My bill! Look at my bill!

French Canadians do it well.

“Mine was twice as large.”

Hard to top that.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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  1. Stella Says:

    Sounds like the people over here who whinge about electricity prices and want the government to regulate the electricity market ought to go to Thailand and see what a real electricity bill looks like.

    I enjoyed Andre’s email. Some of those pictures are just great.

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