Thai Days: How’s our coup doing?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog reckons our coup is doing well for everybody (if you are not a Red Shirt or a commie) but suggests that if you are an illegal migrant worker it is time to migrate back to where you migrated from in the first place. The army seems to be taking the “jobs in Thailand for the Thais” approach.

The thing about SE Asia is that borders are not really under control and can’t be. Too many rivers, trails, forests, mountains.

If you are illegal your big mistake is hitting a military road block or attempting to obey the law and leave through an immigration post. Without papers. Nobody will shoot you, arrest you but they will waste your time. On the Thai side of the border, and on your incoming side. Lao. Myanmar. Wherever. Tremendous congestion. Shops have already sprung up to cater to the people being booted out.

If you have access to a river, flag down a boat. Anybody can find a boat unless they’re on a Gap Year wearing a sarong and eating banana pancakes on the Khao San road and phoning their mummy to tell her they are fine but could use some extra money and have met this great girl called Tit Tit.

Spot your man, ask him to cross the vast Mekong (in places it’s even shallower and smaller than the Rio Grande) There you are! Back home without bureaucracy and with less money than you arrived with. Sail away. Wade away. Swim away. Come back in a couple of months.

Best of luck! Best of advice? Stay in your own country for the time being!

Hugh in Bangkok

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