Thai Days: Hands behind your back


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has a hideous dog – a beagle named Buggly – all appetite, no brains and a Burmese friend walks it. After it had raided my table and snaffled my dinner (again) I suggested that my friend kill the infernal thing.

He picked the dog up.

“Hands behind your back!” he barked. Not the dog. Him.

“Don’t look at my face!” An order.


A delighted laugh.

I suddenly knew that he’d done this for real. And not to a beagle. I still like the guy very much. And the beagle? It loves him. SE Asia has had its wrangles and wars and people have done things. My Burmese friend? He’ll tell me if he wants to. I won’t ask.

Life in Thailand.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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