Thai Days: How to waste money


Thailand’s political turmoil remains ongoing. There’s some guy on hunger strike on a diet of honey and water. With two supporters. Somebody might throw an egg at him. That will be it. Our coup isn’t very frightening.

But I got into trouble. Birthday presents. I ventured into the mean streets with a wallet and instructions to buy birthday presents for three girls and thought I’m not buying this Chinese crap! Instead I bought a bunch of German made hand painted animals. I brought them home, looked them over and it occurred to me that my wife might like the tiger. So I gave it to her. She liked it.

This was just the start I’m afraid. My beloved daughter Annabel came back and saw the presents and said “I’d like to start a collection.”

One hour later the result was a classic England defeat:

My wife one tiger

My daughter two horses, four penguins, one baby elephant, a tiger. Another tiger!

Me? 2000 baht loss!

I was mulling this financial catastrophe over when Annabel came up with a suggestion. I could give her another 1000 baht to buy a sewing kit for one the birthday girls.

We can’t win at football, I can’t win at home. It’s girls, women… you render us men powerless.

Stop it!


Hugh in Bangkok

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