Thai Days: The Sandwich revolt (and arrests)


Hugh Paxton’s Blog admires protesters I agree with.

The rest can get tear gassed, shot-gunned, dispersed and can fight each other as far as I’m concerned. It’s the police who (unfairly) usually bear the brunt of their rage.

Thailand has had a large number of protests and without wishing to sound like a conservative old fart they were getting a bit lengthy and blocking the city and nobody was negotiating and all the principle (intervention) government ministers were rightfully arrested for corruption and sniping and bombings were ongoing. So the army took over.

I’m behind them. I really am. These aren’t nazi/cultural revolution monsters, they are soldiers and generals with their country’s best interests in mind.

The police who have sat on the fence through many recent troubles have been kicked off their fence. They now wish to prove their loyalty to the new authority. Or they have been arrested and are enjoying a taste of their own medicine.

The thing is that the army has won. The Red Shirts are a shattered force. They are still backed by Thaksin who continues to hurl money into this country to inspire unrest and his return to power.

Let’s move to the sandwich protest. Not everybody loves the army and there are still protests. One involved a fat looking student reading George Orwell’s 1984 and munching a sandwich. He was quickly surrounded by police, he bravely ignored them, and hey presto! He was arrested. So were a number of other kids eating sandwiches.

One old hag was hauled off for wearing a T-shirt saying “I want my vote”. The BBC made a big deal of it. Wrong as usual. The BBC has served you a drama of her arrest – who’s going to hold an old woman, a brainless old woman, in custody?

During this coup nobody has been shot by the new regime unless they have been shot by police committing normal crimes /drugs/murder etc..

I like the idea of the sandwich protest but I think that it will not appeal to people selling sandwiches in Bangkok. And it won’t change anything. I hope the cops go easy on him. Social media activists organizing ant-government rallies face seven years in Bang Kwang. If you are a social media activist stop it.

Hugh, over and out! Bangkok

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