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Hugh Paxton’s Blog continues to bombard loyal readers with wildlife crime stuff. When wildlife crime stops, I’ll stop. Could take a while!

This comes courtesy of my beloved brother Charles and my dear friend Andy of Wild Open Eye. And some underpaid brave men and women in Vietnam. And the ENV! Probably underpaid, too.

Cheers from Bangkok!



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Fighting the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam, an ENV news release

by charlespaxton

Wildopeneye is sharing this news from Education for Nature – Vietnam, about

fighting the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam…

Bengal tiger photographed by Andy Luck, is one species suffering from illegal trade

ENV says the wild tiger population has crashed in Vietnam. The illegal wildlife trade for
tiger body parts continues and is being countered by a three-pronged strategic response.
Andy Luck Photo and copyright.

Hello Wildopeneye Readers,

Although the wild tiger population has decreased dramatically in Vietnam, tigers continue
to be traded for their bones which are used in tiger bone medicine, and are also consumed
in the form of wine which contains whole tiger cubs or parts of tigers. To stop the illegal
tiger trade in Vietnam, ENV has been taking a three-pronged approach, working with law
enforcement, decision-makers, and the public.

By conducting major investigations and with the help of public reporting, our crime unit
has beenworking hard to document, track and prevent tiger crimes. Since 2006, ENV has
documented 280 violations involving the trading, transporting, possessing or advertising
of tigers or tiger products.

For a detailed summary of tiger seizures, please see the following (updated) link:

Best regards,

Communication and Public Awareness Department
Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)
Address: Block 17T5, 17th floor, Room 1701,
Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
, Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 6281 5424

E-mail: communication.env
Website: (English), (Vietnamese)


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Fighting the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam
prevent tiger crimes
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