Thai Days: Lizard Tales


Hugh Paxton’s Blog met this fellow in a Malaysian drain in a rain forest and was impressed by the length of his tail. This morning in Annabel’s pumpkin patch (pumpkins growing like mad!) we found a lizard with an even LONGER tail! Two feet long. Annabel has it closer to three feet but I think that’s stretching it. Very long nonetheless. Ridiculously long! And a bare six inches of lizard to maintain it. Cat currently under house arrest. I don’t want to find a gnawed tail on the doorstep. It’s rather good news for the cat. The monsoon rains sound like Ypres on a bad “over the top chaps let’s see what heavy artillery can do” sort of morning. Today particularly intense – thunder a wall wobbler, rain an umbrella shredder! I adore these thunderstorms and love living in a country where lizards just don’t know when to stop growing their tails! Hope life is equally full of interest as you read this!

Love from Bangkok!


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