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Hugh Paxton’s Blog has been sadly negligent when it comes to this admirable creative writing initiative. It’s actually very good and deserves more of my attention and a bit more of hard work on my part! I received this gentle reminder from Allpoetry and my beloved daughter submitted one of her poems. A fight ensued. It was her poem. But my email address. And the poem at first glance was credited to Hugh Paxton. At the bottom of the poem it was expressly explained that it had been written by Annabel Paxton (aged 10). This didn’t suit our juvenile resident poet who seemed to think I was guilty of intellectual property/poetry theft.

She thinks I’d write that kind of rubbish and have the nerve to put my name to it! Sheesh! Did Wordsworth write Limericks?

But for Annabel it was important and I shouldn’t make fun. It was a lovely poem and there’s a photo of her and if anybody thinks Hugh Paxton looks like a little girl aged ten then they would make unreliable witnesses on a police line-up.

This is a great initiative – poems, short stories, competition details – and if you are feeling creative check the site out. Get writing. Don’t worry. Hugh Paxton won’t claim your submissions as his own!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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